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Who we are

Happiness Square

Happiness Square was setup in June 2019 by Komal Chopra who was an everyday corporate employee and a mother who strongly believes that there is a need to bring more happiness so everyone can get together to make the world better, happier place to live.

The mission is high and the commitment is strong. As time goes, there will be teams formed of happiness coaches and guides to make the mission successful.

In order to do so, Komal conducts motivational talks at workplaces, schools and colleges to share key insights on what brings long lasting happiness and break some of the prevailing myths around happiness. We also understand that there are some issues or fears that are deep rooted which affect our lives and can not be fully fixed with motivation. In those cases, she also does deep meditation therapy that is proven to fix old wounds in order to bring freedom and happiness.

Going forward Komal wishes to set up her charity, supporting the poor in India, primarily kids. She wants to provide them quality education, food, shelter, basic amenities and above all LOVE to the ones who struggle a lot due to poverty and other issues that come along with poverty.

Sincere gratitude to you for visiting this website! Happiness Square wishes you positive thoughts, loving kindness and happiness now and forever.


Making the world a better, happier place to live by bringing more freedom and less fears.


To educate and inspire the world on what brings true and long-lasting happiness. To help people change thoughts, behaviours and actions that do not serve them.

Komal Chopra

Happiness Guide and Founder at Happiness Square

Motivational Speaker | FreeMind Therapist | Mindfulness Educator

My Story

Spending most of my life in India around loving family and friends has been great however I observe problems such as poverty and income inequality very closely. The poor not only lacks resources but many other related problems such as poor health, lack of education, no respect in society etc. Another thing that has bothered me is the attitude of rich towards the poor. People in general are lacking empathy and care towards each other specially the weaker sections of the society. Above all, leave alone helping the needy, lot of people tend to take advantage of their vulnerable state.

I also found that happiness is not reserved for the riches. I have seen many rich that are unhappy and many poor who manage to find happiness. This made me interested in human happiness.

During my pursuit of happiness, I learnt that the greatest pleasure in life comes when our mind is free from judgement, fear and negative feelings. However, it often gets hard to overcome the negative feelings that come from limiting beliefs that we hold in our sub conscious minds.

After spending more than 15 years in the corporate sector, I finally decided to spend my life helping others bring true and long-lasting happiness by raising awareness and change negative beliefs.

In order to do the same, I have acquired education on mindfulness, science of happiness, deep meditation therapy and public speaking.

Helping others live a life with more freedom, less fears and enjoy more happiness is a very rewarding experience. And, this I truly believe can make the world a better place to live.

“I want to make the world better, happier place for every living being. It starts with making one person happier at a time. And, that is all that matters to me.”

Komal Chopra

London, United Kingdom
+44 7789 620 546
+91 99111 61127

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