Happiness is

Accepting what is happening as it is without being judgemental

Trusting what’s happening is good even if it is not what we desire

Being present and finding joy in every moment

Being grateful

Being kind

Accepting that we can’t be happy all the time

Trusting that we can get back to happy positive emotions in times of distress

Why should Happiness be a priority?

Happiness protects our heart

Happiness strengthens our immune system

Happiness combats stress

Happy people have fewer aches and pains

Happiness combats diseases and disabilities

Happiness lengthens our lives

What is your current level of Happiness?

Joyful and Excited
Happy and Satisfied
Neutral (Neither happy nor sad)
Sad and lacks interest in anything
Depressed and not interested in anything

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Increase your level of Happiness
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“Conflicts and negative emotional experiences are an inevitable part of life. What is important to happiness is not avoiding them but being able to recover from them.”

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